Vintage Easter postcard decor

Scary that Easter is almost upon us, which means almost a third of the year’s already passed.  Each year seems to be going by more quickly than the last..

So with time being a precious commodity now more than ever, this is the extent of my Easter decorations this year – with the exception of any handmade craft decorations the boys might do. Which we will get around to at some point within the next fortnight… yes we will… I’m sure of it…

Three French vintage Easter postcards pegged up on some twine makes for a super easy decoration. No naturally dyed eggs in this house, I’m afraid!

Next week I’ll be announcing a vintage giveaway to celebrate Easter on the blog…it will contain lovely vintage, and it will contain chocolate! :)

Looking forward to slowing down next week as we go on school holidays, and the cooler Autumn weather hits.  Until next time,

Alison x


Vintage mirror collage

I finally got some of my vintage mirrors on the wall today (thanks to our builder and finding the right wall hooks).  Creating a mirror collage is not easy – I initally had five mirrors and that would have been too much for the wall..

I’m happy with how it’s turned out, for now… until I find another old mirror down the track and will no doubt change things around again!

The way they reflect more light into the room is an added bonus.  I also like that the butterfly one is extra girly – I appreciate that sort of thing living in a house full of boys!

As for the mirrors I didn’t end up using, I’ll be adding them to the online shop soon.

Alison x

Our place…


Finally here are some photos of our home post-renovation.  The kitchen and bathroom aren’t featured much as they still have minor fixes needed; and as for the bedrooms – I’d consider them Phase 2!

So here are the nice bits.  What you don’t see are the messy bedrooms, Lego & loom bands all over the floor, the kids’ unmade beds, our old leather lounge we can’t afford to replace for now.. the general mess I pushed out of the way to make tabletops clean…

Most of the decorative bits were quite inexpensive – eBay was handy when we were renovating, and some of those vintage pieces I’ve had set aside for some time.

Fireplace surround was found on eBay, $179

‘Cloud’ mirror, vintage find.  French metal cheese mould, Bayside Vintage

Antique french pewter plate, Bayside Vintage.  Metal mould, as before.  Miniature painting of Sydney, gift from my parents when I moved to Melbourne

A Christmas decoration that was never packed away..

Vintage folding coat rack, about $28, Etsy.  Antique French floral painting, Bayside Vintage

Unframed seaside paintings on board, from vintage shops on Mornington Peninsula

We chose Ikea sofas for the price and washable covers.  Grainsack cushion made by Bayside Vintage

I love the sunlight this room gets..  Grainsack cushion, made by Bayside Vintage

The plan is to fill this French zinc soap bucket with masses of dried lavender!  Until the bucket is sold, of course… Bucket, Bayside Vintage.  French basket and farmhouse table, both Zacher Antiques

An old tin cake mould makes a unique candle holder.  French cake mould, Bayside Vintage

We chose granite over marble for the kitchen.  This is a marbled granite called ‘sea pearl’, found at Corsi & Nicolai.  French antique dough bowl, Zacher Antiques

We had this vintage metal sign framed for our meals area.  French sign sourced through suppliers, Bayside Vintage

I like the quirkiness of this sign in the kitchen!  Vintage French two-sided cafe sign, sourced through suppliers, Bayside Vintage

Subway tiles were the right decision.  Love having utensils out of drawers and at hand.             Vintage stoneware pot found on eBay

Another eBay purchase – pair of grey enamel pendant shades $175, from Adelaide.  The enamel loss and rusty edges are features rather than flaws!

Looking back at these photos, I really need some indoor plants!  It’s still looking quite sparse, but it’s getting there.  Hope you enjoyed having a brief tour!  Alison x

Faience Red French Transferware


I will have some beautiful red French faience transferware for sale in the coming weeks, and also some more blue transferware, by Sarreguemines in ‘Mulhouse’ and ‘Florine’ designs..

These old French plates make serving and eating – even simple foods – a real pleasure!

Alison x

We’re in April’s Country Style Mag!

Wow, I’m very grateful to have a little write-up and product feature in Country Style magazine this month.  The French harvest basket in the magazine (page 66!) was quickly sold, but I have other baskets and garden trugs coming in the next couple of months.  Friday night here and the kids are now sounds asleep, so I’m off to read the rest of this beautiful magazine… have a great weekend!

Alison x

Our provincial kitchen

After four months of living in & out of home we’re back for good!  There are still some minor touch ups needed, painting to be done, and a verandah to be built out the back.

Here is a photo of our kitchen though, still a work in progress…but it’s surreal to see it in, and to be actually cooking in it!

Alison x

Shop update – this week

Hello!  We’ve been renovating our house – and tomorrow our new floorboards are being varnished.  So we’re moving out for a week! This means there will be a temporary delay in posting orders.

Please note, any purchases made between Wednesday 5th March – Thursday 13th March, will be posted on Friday 14th March.

Feel free to still shop and place an order, if you’re happy to wait a few extra days for your parcel to arrive.

Otherwise, everything is back to normal on Friday 14th March.  Thank you for your patience!

Alison x

Vintage Plate Wall

It’s always lovely when customers send me photos of their purchases displayed in their homes – it makes the process of my work complete in my mind!  Here is a beautiful kitchen in Branxton in country NSW, where Lucy is building a plate wall (with a St Amand French antique plate bottom right)..

I love her pressed metal splashback also. Lucy has recently painstakingly renovated her federation property.  Thanks Lucy for showing me and I really think you should be in Country Style mag!

Alison x

Kitchen renovation continues..

Our kitchen renovation work continues..slowly..but this week there should be progress every day getting us that bit closer to cooking again!  The stone benchtops went on today, really happy with this stone – a marbled granite. I think the colour works well with our $150 pair of vintage enamel lights (eBay purchase).

After 11 years with a green laminate kitchen, it’s quite surreal to see this happening at last, can’t wait to finally enjoy it and use it!

On the shop front: I’ll will be adding more stock when I get some quiet moments this week.  Here’s a selection of some of the vintage pieces going into the shop over the coming days.

Alison x

Next Week in the Shop

It’s been a busy week here with our home renovations continuing, and single parenting while hubby is overseas – but managed to take some photos of vintage new stock.  Here’s a little preview of some French pieces that will be available in the shop next week (and the Japy clock works!)

Alison x

Sneak peak..

Here is the corner of my office filled with lovely pieces waiting to be photographed..

My ‘end of school holidays’ corner, that I will be tackling later this week..

Included are some amazing French oyster baskets, zinc savon bucket, antique cutlery, transferware plates, vintage linen and lots of other little bits and pieces!

Alison x

We’re in Country Style magazine!

I was rapt to see Bayside Vintage featured in Country Style magazine this month!

It has been a dream of mine since I started this business, and is a real benchmark for me.

If you have visited here from Country Style, thank you!  I have been busy packing orders in amongst the chaos of living in a house being renovated.  But next week I will photographing lots of stock I have waiting for the shop, so please visit again very soon.

Alison x

p.s. I have gorgeous vintage Ball jars back in stock, they’re beauties!

Vintage Moët & Chandon Pieces

Hello, hope you are enjoying our Australia Day long weekend!  I thought I would quickly show you a couple of vintage promotional Moët & Chandon pieces that will be for sale soon…

Here is a rare serving tray, and the detail in the fan is just breathtaking – I think they look beautiful as wall decor.  Too pretty to be kept in a is too short for that!

I often share new stock on Instagram (@bayside_vintage), come and say hello!

Alison x

Vintage dolly tubs

These vintage galvanized “dolly tubs” were used from Victorian times to the 1940s to wash clothes..

They make gorgeous rustic and sturdy planter tubs, beautiful with an olive tree or box hedge..

Use indoors or outdoors..

Aren’t they great?  But as these dolly tubs originate from the UK, getting them here is normally part of a container shipment..

A cheaper alternative is a galvanised tin pail or tub – pails you can find at bric a brac markets for around $5 – $20.. larger old washing tubs anywhere between $40 – $150

The old ones with a bit of rust and a few dings look much better than reproductions.  Keep an eye out next time you’re at the markets, or you can contact me if you’re after something!

Alison x

Vineyard rooms

How lush is this beautiful outdoor room?  Like living in a vineyard..the Swedish home owner has created a magical space filled with a daybed, antique sofa and vintage pieces..

While the rest of us may not achieve something on the same scale, take what inspires you and recreate a corner of your home, or add a few vintage finds to a table or shelf…even transforming a tiny space is fun!

I love these images..a childhood friend of mine had a huge grapevine along her home’s back verandah..we would swim in the pool all day, then eat bread and butter sandwiches in the shade of the leaves.  Such simple days where time seemed to stand still!

And if growing a grapevine is out of the question, adding greenery and a few rustic pieces is sufficient..

I’m not a green thumb (just yet) but plan to add more plants inside our home..and who knows, one day might I may just have a go at growing a vine outdoors!

Alison x

Image credit 1, 2, 3

Inspiring photography

One of the most beautiful images I have laid eyes on recently – the work of Sebastien Siraudeau. I’ve sung his praises before..his website is now updated with more of his stunning photography. No, it’s not procrastination, it’s an essential.. go look.

Alison x

How long is a piece of string?

After the minimum fortnight break tradesmen take over Christmas & New Year, our builder is starting back at work tomorrow morning.  Although we’ve been without a kitchen & main bathroom, and still have plastic covering our new raw floorboards, it’s been nice having our house to ourselves without the early starts and trails of workboots through the place.

I’m feeling slightly trepidatious about this next stage of our renovation.  Granted, the work has to be done:  we have a laundry being installed in a fortnight onto new flooring, that’s yet to be laid; we have a fridge that needs its space framed, sheeted and floored before it can be installed in a week; and many other pieces of work that need doing.  I guess the trepidation is more just hope that it all comes together on time and without too many hiccups (= extra costs).

If I had absolute faith in our tradesmen, that would help, but I haven’t seen enough of their work yet to feel totally confident.  Late last year we sacked our carpenter, and our plasterer started taking us for a ride when we began paying him by the hour.  Still we have a new builder now who was recommended to us, so hopefully, along with a new year and us being a little more reno-wise, things will run smoothly.

Renovating is akin to planning a big party (a wedding?) – you plan and budget to the nth degree, assign tasks to suitably qualified people, trust they know what they’re doing…and then hope it all comes together just like the vision you have in your head.  Without being too much over budget…

Here are some before and after photos of the parts of the house that have been finished at least! Renovating an old house is like asking how long’s a piece of string – there’s always work to be done, and we realise now we’ll be doing external work in a couple of years’ time.  Labour of love, indeed!

Alison x




And the ‘still to be’.. looking through into the future laundry room. Note the hole in the floor and bare walls – the laundry cabinetry is being installed in a fortnight!

Neutral vintage bedrooms

So we have chosen our kitchen and the installation starts in just over two weeks’ time…with the cabinets & appliances arriving next week.  After almost 2 months without a kitchen, we can’t wait!  I look forward to sharing some photos with you in short while too…

Now that we’ve sorted out how our living/dining area & kitchen will look, I’m thinking about our main bedroom.  It’s not a big space, so I want to keep it really light – whites and neutrals – and as pared back as possible.  For a while now I’ve thought of a linen buttonback bed head.  But given our room is so small, I’ll probably just continue to use our existing european pillows propped up against the wall.  It works, and not to mention it would save about $1,000!

Images via Maison Deco and Pinterest

I think bedrooms as simple as these, with a few vintage pieces, are calming and conducive to sleep! Do you have a favourite?  Or do you like more colour in your bedroom?  My favourite is the one with the glasses on the bed…

Alison x

French vintage enamelware & hydrangeas

I was lucky enough to receive a new camera from Santa this year.  While I’m still yet to read the manual and play around with the settings (and have a long way to go to getting professional product shots), I can tell it’s so much more powerful than the 7 year old model I’d been using..

We were fortunate to also be given a few hydrangeas from a neighbour down the road this week.. so I’ve tried to put them to good use before they start to lose their colour..

All these pieces will be available in the online shop next year…which is tomorrow!  How time flies. This year has been a rollercoaster ride for us, with great times and tough times.. a hectic year full of change.  We are looking forward to a calmer New Year!

I have lots of vintage stock for the shop, and exciting plans for 2014 / 15 I’m looking forward to sharing with you, including expansion into some select pieces of small vintage & antique furniture..

But today is a day to reflect on the year just ending, and welcoming in a New Year full of promise. I’m not one for resolutions, but I do love that sense of fresh beginnings that a New Year brings.

Wishing you all the best for a happy & healthy 2014, and thank you so much for stopping by this year!

Alison x

Rustic Swedish home

I came across this beautiful home the other day, on a Swedish home design website and thought I would save here in my blog/scrapbook… It must have been a Christmas home feature, but still, lots of inspiration all the same.

Love the rough-edged vintage linen tablecloth, snow encrusted demijohn, and I really need to learn how to grow bulb flowers in old pots!

Alison x

Images via Skonhem